Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The morning of Lucy's 7th Birthday

The morning of Lucy's seventh birthday, she wanted to get dressed all by herself and put on a fancy dress and surprise us.  Unfortunately, she didn't untie the sash on the back and as she tried to pull it over her head, she got stuck.  She must have struggled for a while because she finally came into our room in a state of distress.  She had both arms up above her head and couldn't get the dress to go up or down.  The tight waist was across her face and she was helpless and about to cry.

From the dead of sleep to helping my girl struggle out of a tight spot in 12 seconds.  It took me quite a bit to recognize that she was really stuck.  I think I would have panicked had I been in her predicament. 

After she left our bedroom Mike said, "I'm glad she didn't get stuck 7 years ago." am I.

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