Sunday, July 14, 2013

My Reality Is Skewed

Scene: AT&T store by our house

Me:  Hi, I need a life proof case for my iPhone 5.
Mike: She means for her iPhone 4S.
Me:  Wait...what?
Mike:  She has an iPhone 4S and she wants a life proof case for it.
Me:  I thought I had an iPhone 5.
Mike:  No.  You have an iPhone 4S.
Me:  I do?  Really?  Are you sure?
Sales-lady (looking at my phone):  Yes ma'am, that is an iPhone 4S.
Me:  Seriously?  I was sure I had an iPhone 5!
Mike: have never had an iPhone 5.
Me:  Wait.  Do I drive a Lexus?
Mike:  You drive a Honda Minivan.
Me:  Am I twenty-eight?
Mike: You are forty-two.
Sales-lady:  I'm just going to give you two a minute and I will come back.

Far Away But Close in Spirit

I am missing my family tonight.  I am in Canada for work.  I have needed this down time desperately, needed to stop and catch my breath and go to bed early and take a break from tucking people in at night and bedtime stories and picking up toys, but nevertheless, I miss them.  I miss them so much.

Today in the airports I was distracted by all the families.  Instead of reveling in the alone time, I kept looking at the families and thinking I wonder where they are going.  The conversation on the plane naturally turned to those I was leaving behind.  I carry them with me always.

I was talking with my mom the other day on the phone about how much compassion my girls have.  Our girls have a sense of others that is, in my opinion, beyond their age.  Emma Jane has always been sensitive to others and the one to gather the outliers on a playground or quick to put herself in another person's shoes.  But just the other day, Lucy said to her grandmother, "you know that hat you gave me for Christmas last year Grandma?  I just haven't had a chance to wear it yet.  It isn't because I don't like it."  She wanted to make sure that her Grandma knew that she liked it.  My mom thought that was unusual for a then 4 year old to bring up in conversation.  I do, too.

In the car on the way to drop me off at the airport this morning, Lucy said she was going to miss me, then immediately said she was going to miss her sissy too.  Emma Jane is going off to camp this week and Lucy will be without her companion and best friend.  I dare say that this will be harder on her than my absence will be.  She looks up to her sister for so much.  It will be good for both of them.  Emma will get some much needed peer time away from the imaginative play of a 5 year old.  And Lucy will get to rule the roost at home.  She will get to do things her way and get to be her own boss.  But she will feel her absence, too.

Mike, we are doing a wonderful job raising our daughters to be amazing young ladies.  Their thoughtfulness is apparent and the way that they take care of each other and get along with each other is to be commended.  Times like these when we have babysitters on call in the middle of the night and we think we aren't going to make it, we should be proud of what we have done.  I am so proud of us.  I know this week will be tough for you.  I love you.  I will be home soon. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Summer night

Tonight, after we both had long days at work, Mike and I decided to take advantage of the long summer evenings and the close proximity of our lake and head to our boat. Only we didn't go to our boat. We took out the little boats.

We drove thirty minutes to our lake and put together the little dolphins our sailing fleet has and set out to have ourselves a little sail. Only by the time we got the sails raised there was not a lick of wind. So we paddled and swam and sailed a little to an island that the girls have been dying to explore. 

We left the boats along the shore and walked along the edge of the island. Lucy and Emma love to explore. 

This is the island that has goats on it but they were not on the beach where we were. We were pretty disappointed that we didn't get to see Lomo up close. 

The girls found quite a few treasures. 

Just as we were leaving Emma Jane said she was looking for a friendship rock but probably wouldn't find one (a friendship rock is a rock with a hole in it).  I told her that I was looking for a fossil but probably wouldn't find one. About 20 seconds after I said it she found a fossil.  

Mike tied my boat to his and paddled us back to the dock. There was only one paddle so he was the hero and we three were the damsels in distress. 

Lucy wanted to know why we didn't do this in the first place...

As we were putting the boats away and the sun had gone down, Mike put the girls out on a boat to "get them out from under foot".  They have such a sweet way of entertaining each melts my heart. 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Happy Birthday Lucy

Five years ago today, your daddy handed you to me in the wee hours of the morning.  I was overcome with joy at the sight of your beautiful face.  You were everything I had hoped for and asked for and wished for.  You were perfect.  You snuggled in my arms immediately and started making cooing noises.  I liked you coming early in the morning because it gave us a few hours to be just the three of us.  It gave us time to stare and marvel at you before the rush of everyone else.

You turned five years old today.  Emma Jane was five when we brought you home from the hospital.  She was five and a half and so excited to be a big sister.

We have watched you grow and change.

We have watched you become mischievous...

 We have watched you sit in a laundry basket with your sister and watch TV...because that is what sisters do.

 You still suck your thumb, even though you said you were going to stop.  You still are shy around people you don't know or think you don't know.  But around family you will not stop talking.  You talk in a random stream of thoughts that no one can keep up with.  We were giggling in the car on the way home from dinner because one non sequitur was followed by another.  It was like changing the television channel.

You are very smart.  You are messy, head strong, independent, loving and kind.  You think that your sister is the most perfect person who has ever walked the face of the earth.  You worship her and idolize her and want to be her yet want to be completely your own person.  

I recently wrote you a letter that I reread today.  It rings so true.  Our family would not have been complete without you.  You have your sister and she has you.  I am amazed at how well the two of you play together.  I know how lucky we are.  I have been told twice in the last two weeks what wonderful girls I have and how lucky I am that you get along so well.  I am lucky.

 My girls have each other.  I hope you celebrate your 75th birthday with your sister, Lucy.

We started our day with a candle.

And we ended our day with a candle.  That's two wishes...  Goodnight my five year old.  I love you more than Chemistry.