Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Conversations with Lucy

Lately I have been having conversations with Lucy that would be difficult to describe.  I frequently wish I had audio recordings to record the sentimental child that she is but also to capture the sweet voice that melts my heart.

The video is just's the audio I needed to capture.  Close your eyes and listen in to my world.

Priceless moments.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Day 2 of Sailing with Friends

When you decide to entertain and your honey cleans the boat all shiny and white and your ice chest is stocked with beer and corn crack and the weather is perfect and the summer is ending and you have made so many promises, you might as well host as many people as you can fit into one holiday weekend.  So on Monday morning we rolled our children out of bed and forced them back into swimsuits and headed back to the boat (it's only 30 minutes) and this time we took these two cute kids and their parents with us.

They are yet another Mayo family we love. 

Cecilia is fearless like Lucy.

These two had so much fun playing together. They made a clubhouse down below and giggled as only five year old girls can.  

They played in the raft and swam until they were just tuckered out. 

We ate yummy spinach dip and roasted corn salad and delicious watermelon. And we talked about how everything tastes better on a boat. Emma Jane wants to open a restaurant called "better on a boat". I think she might be on to something. 

The weather today was absolutely perfect. It was in the mid eighties. The wind was perfect around 10-12 miles an hour. There were only white puffy clouds in the sky. Today was the kind of day you want when trying to introduce someone to the sport of sailing. Perfect. 

By one count there were 22 SAILboats on the water today. One of them was this lovely couple, Scott and Yolanda. They just took their boat, Della Grace, to Lake Superior for over a month and lived aboard. She is a beautiful boat owned by an equally beautiful couple. 

I hope your Labor Day was full of food and friends and sun and fun. Ours sure was. 

Great day at the Lake

Yesterday we had a great day playing with Mayo friends at the lake. With the help of a mutual friend, and his magnificent Hunter 30, we were able to get some of my favorite peeps out onto two boats and raft up, jump off, get down, swim around, and sail into the night with good food and eventually good wind. 

Thank you Toney for helping me get these folks out on our lake for an unforgettable day! (Sorry for all the chocolate on your deck)

We definitely have to do this again...

I have decided that Cheney is thanking a higher power for putting him on a boat with all these girls... He is a very lucky boy.