Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Little Light Reading

Well today a dream came true. Emma Jane wants to read this book every night. She wants to study an element every night. She was so excited about Hydrogen tonight I thought she might combust. We delved into protons, neutrons and electrons, and we covered Avogadro's number pretty well. I had to resist the urge to run to the kitchen and get out a scale and weigh out one Mole of sodium chloride. (I just explained it instead.).

I'm kind of freaking out. She is so excited. I'm not sure I can sleep. Maybe a little C2H5OH will help.

Monday, April 29, 2013


With her newly acquired sewing skills, Emma Jane made these "Ouchy Pouchies" for the auction. You can either heat them or cool them. They earned the school $40!

They took her about 15 minutes to sew. She was very proud of herself (and so are we).

Art Show

Emma Jane once again had pieces in the TPS district wide art show. We are so proud of this girl.

My Creative Girl

I am behind on posts. In March Emma Jane went to a spring break sewing camp. She made a lunch pail that is lined. She made a sandwich bag, a placemat, a napkin and because she finished early she made a tic tac toe board too!

She learned how to use her new sewing machine and how to take care of it and change feet. She is so self sufficient.

Here is her work.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Oh What a Beautiful Morning

As I sit on the deck, drinking my morning coffee, at my mom's house in the woods above Poteau, Lucy is digging random holes with a shovel and squealing with delight to find worms. The breeze is blowing through the trees and setting the wind chimes tinkling. The creek is flowing and I can hear the water from where I sip my coffee. The only sound not made by nature is the beeping of the metal detector Emma Jane is using to find treasures in the grass and rocks and near the creek.

Perfect morning...

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Lunch (Love) Notes

When I make the girls lunches I sometimes slip little love notes into their bags. Just a little surprise to find while you are sitting in a noisy cafeteria away from your momma.

The other day I found this in my lunch bag.

And then Emma told me on the way home this last week that she had a note from Lucy in her lunch box.  I said, "Really?  Can I see it?"

I asked Lucy about it and she said, "I didn't want Sissy to miss her family at lunch so I put our names on a piece of paper."  Then I asked, "The numbers?"  She answered with, "Oh, those are all the numbers I know how to write."

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sometimes I Over Answer

Sometimes I over answer questions.  Like the answer to the question "What is mass?"

Recently, Emma Jane was reading the book The Island of the Blue Dolphins.  It is a story about a girl who is left behind to survive on her own for years on an island in the pacific.  We were both reading the book and Emma Jane finished it before me.  I finished the book after she went to bed the other night and she is required to bring this book to class each day.  The next morning while I was buckling Lucy into her car seat, Emma came out of the house to the driveway and asked, "Mom?  Where is the Island of the Blue Dolphins?"

Without looking up from what I was doing I answered, "It is 75 miles off the coast of California in a group of islands called the Channel Islands."

Emma said, "What?"

I said "It is 75 miles off the coast of California in the Pacific Ocean in a group of islands called the Channel Islands."   I thought that adding the part about the Pacific Ocean might clarify things for her.

She said, "No.  The book, The Island of the Blue Dolphins."

I said, "Oh.  Next to the recliner."

Sometimes I over answer.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Gateway Quilt

You have heard that marijuana is a gateway drug?  That it leads to harder drugs?  Well, I don't actually believe that.  But I do believe that this rag quilt is a gateway quilt.  I was just going to try it once.  I wasn't going to ever do it again.  It was just a one time thing.  Besides, it was just a rag quilt.  It was just going to be something I tried.  Once.  I would get this it out of my system.  It's not even a REAL quilt anyway.  It doesn't have to be finished on the edges or quilting stitches put in when it's finished.

Well now, I am getting into the hard stuff. I have to up my game.  I need finished seams that have been pressed and trimmed edges and batting!  Aghhhhh! 

I forgot where I was going the other day because I saw a fabric shop.  I was supposed to be getting my girls from school.  I went in and got lost in fat quarters (pieces of fabric cut to 18" x 22").

Then I found myself enrolled in a quilting class.  She said "Wait, aren't you making quilt already for your daughter's school?"  And I said "Well, yes.  But why not make two?"

Up next...

I have to go now, I'm jonesing for a fat quarter...

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Busy Busy

Since returning from Emma Jane's field trip, we have not stopped.  Things are crazy at our house.  Among all the other things I am doing, I am making a quilt for the Mayo Auction.  Did I mention I don't quilt?  Someone I know said "that is like trying to throw a dinner party for 200 when you don't cook!"  Yup!

But the first step was to take pictures of Lucy's classmates.  You see this quilt needs to have photos of her class on it.  I went to the school yesterday and took pictures of her class.  Among the "real" photos I captured a series of shots of a little boy named Simon.  He was not going to smile for me.  Nope.  Not gonna.

Here are his out takes...