Friday, November 16, 2012

A Busy Month

It has been one month since my last post.  One crazy month.  I have had house guests, play dates, dress up parties, a birthday, Halloween, field trips, ear infections, home improvement projects, an election, homework, sewing projects, and pneumonia. 

We had a great Halloween trick or treating in our neighborhood.  The weather was great again this year.  Yes, that is a martini in my hand.  Mike carved pumpkins with the girls and both grandpa's.  We got so see Uncle Bob who was in from Florida.  We got to see Allye who was in from college.  Then I turned 42 and then I got sick.  Really sick.  I was wiped out for about 9 days.  I did leave the house to vote, but I missed the overnight at Emma's school on election night.  I would have liked to have been there for those results!

Speaking of her school...she has the best writing teacher ever!  Her homework is amazingly detailed and challenging.  They are learning character development, among other things.  Emma was to spend at least 2 pages developing a main character.  Her assignment was to develop this character fully using complete sentences and near perfect spelling.  The teacher wanted to know what this character likes, dislikes, looks like, sounds like, character flaws, fears, relationships, favorite color...everything!  Then she had to develop 2 to 3 supporting characters in writing.  She had 4 pages hand written and had not even begun writing the story yet.  I will soon let her guest blog because her writing skills are going to quickly surpass mine.  She has a composition book which she started writing in in August.  It is half full already and you can see the progression of her creative writing as you thumb through it.  Her use of descriptors, leads, hooks and complex sentences is remarkable.  (Her spelling could still use some work.)  This week she must take part of the Preamble to the Constitution and explain which of the duties of the government are the most important. 

A couple of nights ago, the girls were taking a bath together and I was folding clothes.  I overheard Emma Jane ask Lucy if she had ever heard of the Preamble to the Constitution.  Lucy said no.  Emma Jane explained it to her in a very matter of fact way and then told her that she would explain the constitution when she was a bit older.  Maybe she could explain it to the rest of us.

I must also talk about Lucy for a bit.  She is a changed girl.  She is an agreeable, sweet, affectionate, flirtatious, hilarious, charismatic girl these days.  She is a joy to be around.  She uses her manners and picks up her toys and goes to bed without argument.  We never went back to the child therapist due to scheduling issues, so we just think she outgrew the defiant attitude.  It is as if she woke up one morning and decided to get along.  We have had a few outbursts but for the most part she is a different child.  She still likes to cuddle and I love to have her in my face in a snuggle moment.  I love the way her breath smells and feels on my face.  I love how she sounds when she sucks her thumb.  I love how loving she is.  She told me yesterday on the way home from school "Mama, I love you to my heart." 

Mike has been remodeling the guest bathroom (Lucy calls it her bathroom) for over a month.  He has sanded and primed and filled and sanded and buffed and painted and repainted for weeks now.  What an amazing job he did.  The bathroom is my favorite room in the house now!  The paint color is a turquoise and I sewed a roman shade for the window in a fabric that complements the color very well.  I am so pleased with how it turned out.  I will post pictures soon.

My apologies for being away for so long.  I have been having problems with my hands and typing is not great for the tendonitis.  But as I tell Emma Jane when she has a lot of writing to do, just sit down and do it.  I will try and follow my own advice.