Monday, May 25, 2015

Making the Lamp

Everyday is mother's day around my house.  I ask Mike to build me something and he builds it.

He made me this lamp!

In the neck of the lamp are two light sockets.  One that goes up and one that goes down.  There is a short edison bulb going up and a long edison bulb going down. Here is a glimpse of the innards.

I found the flask here.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Our Table of Elements Where We Eat Periodically

have been wanting to turn my kitchen table into a periodic table for about a year. I finally did it!

Those are beakers, flasks, a ring stand and a mortar and pestle on my periodic table table.

Addendum:  I wanted to turn the large Erlenmeyer flask in the back into a lamp.  So I asked my handy husband to build me a lamp.  We went to a local hardware store called Best Hardware.  I nice man named Leroy who has owned the store for 40 years helped us get the pieces we needed.  Then we came home and Mike wired it all together.  He even put in a switch that dims it.

Yea, that is an extra long Edison bulb down in the flask.  I am going to sit there tonight and look my new lamp on my periodic table.