Monday, January 23, 2012

Wishes for Baby

Because I have a printing addiction, a friend of mine asked me if I could make "wish" cards for an upcoming baby shower. I had never heard of wish cards before so I went out to Pinterest to take a look.
These little cards are for baby shower attendees to fill out their wishes for the baby. What a great idea! I printed these up for baby Libby's shower this past weekend.

I had so much fun reading what people wrote. A few of my favorites were...

I hope you ignore...Ignorance
I hope you get... Everything you want. If not, my cell number is 405-555-xxxx.
I hope you aren't afraid... of Owls (her mommy got lots of owls as shower gifts)
I hope you knit
I hope you always...remember your manners
I hope you aren't be different
I hope you get...your mom's laugh

I had a great time at the shower. I wish I had pictures of the amazing food (hint, hint, Katie)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dinner tonight

I love pinterest! Tonight I couldn't decide what to make for dinner so I went to pinterest for some ideas! I saw these yummy potatoes first.

I found them on is the link...

then I found these panko crusted chicken

I had all the ingredients on hand so it was a very last minute dinner...but here is how it turned out.

I also had some leftover pie crust and opened a can of apple pie filling. I rolled out the dough and folded it up around the filling.


Cute graphic I made for baby Libby

We three girls...

Emma Jane's recital

Pink glasses and a Cisco shirt

Because every IT girl needs a pink pair of glasses!
Now off to discuss IGMPv3 and how PIM enables it to migrate to IPv6 at OSI Layer 2...

Lucy reading about the SC primary

We took Emma Jane to get new glasses yesterday. And Lucy decided she just had to have some too. She doesn't need glasses but she wanted to be like mommy and sissy. So we bought a $10 pair of fake glasses.
(No picture of Emma Jane's new glasses yet, they haven't been made.)

Friday, January 13, 2012

The search for Cheongsams

When I was in Malaysia I went on a hunt to find Chinese dresses for my daughters.  I was determined to bring the traditional chinese dress, called a cheongsam, home to my girls.  And I thought I should get one too.  That way we could all 3 wear them and maybe go out to dinner or something.

So my Uncle Ronnie and Aunt Irene take us to shop in KL.  I walked into a shop with cheongsams hanging everywhere.  I told the woman working there that I was looking for 3 dresses.  Two for my little girls and one for me.  She said "I don't think we have any that will fit you, we only have double-x-L."  She was so polite.  So sweet as she told me that I was a humongous amerasian heifer who could not be fit into regular clothes.  I politely asked "is there a big-and-tall-and-fat-american/asian store around here?"

Here is a picture of what I brought home...

The shirt I am wearing is an XXL, by the way.  The largest size they had... Dress would not zip up...

Link to a brief snippet of news

So Emma Jane received an award last week from the YMCA.  We went to dinner at the zoo and she was presented with the core values award. 

Here is s link to the brief snippet of news coverage it got at 10 O'clock.  But of course I didn't see it that night, I was probably crafting (or sleeping from crafting the night before).

Way to go Emma Jane!

Chemistry Cat

Apron with built in Towel

It has been called to my attention that the Creativity part of my blog has been woefully neglected.  So I am going to try and post some of the creative things I have done in the not so distant past.  (I will try not to post about my solar system I made in 8th grade.)

I was in a sweet little diner in downtown Tulsa one day and I saw a girl wearing an apron with a built in towel.  Brilliant!  I asked her if I could look at it, meaning would you please take it off so I can see how it is made.  She obliged.

Then the next night I cut out the material from fabric I had on hand (don't start) and opened a pack of Williams Sonoma towels (also on hand) and whipped up this little number.  No pattern.  Just super simple and easy and freakin' brilliant!  Who doesn't need a towel when cooking!  Love it!

 And for an instagram photo of my new apron and my sweet Lucy...

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Speaking of baby Libby

She also got some note cards for her mama to write thank you notes on...
Did I mention that in addition to all the sewing machines I also have 3 (or 4) printers?

Baby gifts

Okay...I have a problem.  I get a little carried away when people have babies.  I just LOVE baby stuff.  I have an entire collection of baby blankets and baby onesies waiting in standby in the craft room should one of my friends call and say "I'm on my way to the hospital and I can't have this baby without some personalized blankets, bag tags, burp cloths and onesies!"  I mean this is the kind of baby emergency I LIVE for!

So I stay up late at night (or all night) crafting away in my workshop.  Then I rush to the hospital with something like this...

 And because I had been anticipating the arrival of this little girl (and teaching her mama how to knit) I just so happened to knit her a hat or three to include.

And because I have an embroidery machine and a sewing machine (and a serger), and a few plain white burp cloths in my storage vault, I made her a burp cloth or two...
And then because I have pink and blue suitcases lying around in case I need to rush personalized paraphernalia up to the hospital, I package it all up and wait for the sun to rise.

Don't judge me.
Welcome to the world Libby!  May your head be warm and your luggage tagged!

Malaysia Book

I have begun work on a photo book about my trip to Malaysia.  I reread my blog and it brought back so many memories.  I have been sorting through photos trying to pick and choose only the best, but there are so many.  I have really been feeling "malay-sick" the last day or so.  In English we have a term "homesick" that we use to say we miss our home.  Even though Ipoh was not really my home, I felt at home.  And I miss you all so much. 

It snowed last night here.  Have you seen snow Kin Kin?  Kitty, you should come over at Christmas to experience an American Christmas.  Cynthia, I would love to cook for you and we could go and try to find the Pioneer Woman.  I am feeling quite nostalgic of my travels to see you all.  I have tried to capture the trip in a photo book but it does not even come close to the experience of it.

Will you please tell my Uncle Weng Wah and Auntie How Kin that I miss them so.  I took video of Uncle Weng Wah telling me stories of my dad's childhood.  I have been listening to him talk and tell stories on my computer.  I dreamed of him last night.  We were walking along a road and he was telling me all his life lessons.  He told me to give away things that I didn't think I could live without.  Strange but I felt so peaceful when I woke up. 

I wish we weren't a world away cousins...
Goodnight to you,

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Charlie and the River

Last week I decided to take Charlie out for some leash training.  If I want her to run with me she has to learn to walk on a leash.  It was sunny and 66 degrees.  Emma Jane has piano near the river, so I changed into running clothes, packed up the puppy and some training treats and headed for the Arkansas river.  Charlie and I dropped Emma Jane off at piano and then parked at the river.

Here is how I saw things going...
Me with my sweet chocolate lab getting the "awww's" and the "she's so cute" squeals.  Not being able to walk because of all the people who want to pet her.  Me watching the sunset on the river while dog lovers gush over my sweet lab pup.  Charlie basking in the attention and treats for sitting and staying.  Me getting a little exercise and fresh air on this unseasonably warm January evening.

Here is how things really went down...
Charlie was jumping on me and scratching my legs as I tried to kick her off of me.  She then started to nip at me with her mouth and you could hear her teeth snapping together.  People were giving me the "oh, you should get your dog under control" look.  I could not take a single step without her wrapping her leash around both my ankles and making me fall.  I fell 26 times.  She jumped up from ground level to snatch the treat bag from my hand and shook it so all the treats flew everywhere.  Then proceeded to eat them all in a slobbery frenzy.  She pulled on the leash so hard I had to plant my feet not to move.  She crossed in between my legs and then around my legs in a hog tie maneuver that, had it not been so annoying, would have been brilliant.  And finally I ended up finding a bench to sit on.  I tied her leash to the leg of the bench and sat covered in dirt, slobber and scratches, lacking treats and the will to continue training.  I briefly watched the sun sink over the horizon and waited, defeated, for the time to pick up my daughter from piano practice.

Charlie was so exhausted that she fell asleep in the car on the way home...snoring...

Do Not GIVE me the "But look how cute she is" line...  She is faking it...

PS.  She starts puppy school on Thursday.  I will keep you posted!

Monday, January 9, 2012

No chocolate left behind

La la la Lucy

I am not sure there is a messier place in my house that I could have shot this video...

Bathing beauty


Inspired by my friend Jordan's post, I am going to write things I don't want to forget about Lucy.

She says "flowlers" instead of flowers.  She told us over Christmas break she wanted to stay home from school to hang out with her family.  She calls them "Chrissy Lights".  She does not want to go to sleep at night.  Her favorite show is still Calliou.  She carries around her "brown blankie" and sucks her thumb while twisting a piece of blanket and putting it in her nose.  When we say, Lucy, please don't put brown blankie up your nose, she says "but I like to..."  She calls the iPad an iPoo.  She calls my computer a Pooter.  She argues about anything.  When she wakes up in the morning she stomps down the steps into our room and announces "Mommy, sun's up!"  Even when it is most certainly not up!

She calls the new van a "minivan" and corrects me every time I say go get in the van.  "No, the minivan!"  She is finally starting to use the word please.  We having been working on that for a long time.  When she is being agreeable she says "I being nice to my family".  She told me this morning that I looked "bootiful".  She says "Mama, Charlie just kissed me!"

She loves to play in the bathtub.  She can stay in there for 2 hours.  She "likes to poop at home".  (I love that quote!)  She wants to help with cooking and baking, but quickly loses interest.  She likes to be kissed while on the potty.  Nearly every time she sits down on the potty she looks up at me with a big pucker on her lips.  Mama, I love you...

She is oblivious of time.  She can take 12 minutes to wash her hands.  (To hell with the environment!)
She calls Barbecue "barbie-poo".  She came into my room the other night at 3:00 a.m.  She said she needed to cuddle for a few minutes.  After about 4 minutes she climbed wordlessly out of bed and went back to her room and went to bed.  She did, just need to cuddle for a few minutes.  She loves her sister.  She idolized her sister.  She wants to be her sister. 

She loves to play dress up. (we just moved a dress up rack into her room)  She has to have a cereal bar every morning before school.   She also has to have a snack from daycare to make it home (we live 5 blocks from daycare).  The girl likes to eat.  She likes guacamole, avocado, hot sauce, pizza, green beans, pasta, chicken pops (pei wei's honey seared chicken), apple juice, sweet potato fries, carrots, hummus, and lots of other stuff.  About 3 months ago I asked her if she wanted milk with breakfast.  She said "no, mama, milk gives me toots!"  (and it does, but we drink it anyway)

That is all I can think of for now...

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Charlie is growing up too fast

Emma Jane and the rock wall

I joined a gym and they have a rock wall. Emma Jane went with me one day and completely showed how superior her strength and skills were to mine.

Celebrating Sissy 's award

Emma Jane was honored tonight with the Core Values award at the zoo. The YMCA camp that she attended this past summer has an awards banquet at the zoo. They pick campers that exhibit the four core values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility. 
We were invited to a dinner and awards ceremony. We were all beaming with pride. 
The director of the summer camp says that Emma will make a great camp counselor one day. She says she can pick the ones who will one day come back to be counselors. They are the leaders and team builders. The kids who always include everyone. 
I am one proud mama tonight!