Tuesday, June 2, 2015

How we made our Periodic Table-Table

 Many people have asked, so here goes:

I ordered a black periodic table poster from Pottery Barn, way back last October when they had their mad scientist collection.  It is a black canvas poster on a black table.  I cut the wood off the top and the bottom, so it was just canvas.  Then I ordered glass from Tulsa Glass cut to fit my table.  I simply placed the canvas on the table and put the glass over it.  Simple, yet pretty.

Our Periodic Table

For the lamp, it was a bit more complex.  Mike and I went to Best hardware on Brookside (if you're local) and this wonderful man named Leroy helped with all the lamp components.  The bulb going down into the Erlenmeyer flask is by Bulbrite.  Mike built a socket that goes up and a socket that goes down.  (He is so handy!)  He even put a switch on the wire that allows me to have a high and low setting.

Erlenmeyer Flask Lamp

Thanks Mike for enabling me to let my geek shine through!

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