Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Lucy's 7th Birthday Pary

It seemed only natural that we have a science birthday party this year for Lucy's 7th birthday. 
The periodic table was the inspiration for the invitations and decor.

I pulled out all my beakers and flasks for this party.  I think Mike was surprised by my inventory. 

The girls and I had fun making the cookies for the party.  I baked but they helped ice them.  I used a edible pen to mark on the dried icing.

We also made these great petri dishes filled with Jello, but I forgot to get them out of the refrigerator until after all the guests had gone.

But the real fun began when the guests arrived.

We made large bubbles out on the driveway.

We made lava lamps in the backyard.  I didn't get any pictures, ugh.

We made dry ice bubbles inside.

We also played with dry ice outside.

We did the mentos and diet coke experiment.

I also attempted the elephant's toothpaste demo but it was an epic failure.  Oh well.

Lucy opened presents and got lots of Legos, which she wanted desperately. 

Thank you to all the little scientists that came to Lucy's party.

Lucy, you are such a kind hearted girl.  Happy birthday sweet princess.  I am so glad you are my baby.  I love you more every day.

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